Your Guide to Primal Cuts of Meat

At Stoney Point Farm Market, we offer both primal and specialty cuts of beef. If you’re new to the world of farm fresh meat, the various cuts available might be confusing. But, we’re here to help! Read on to learn more about the primal cuts of beef, which are the first pieces of meat cut off of a carcass.


Brisket is cut from a cow’s breast. It is best slow-cooked, tenderized, and marinated.


Chuck is from the front of a cow’s chest, including the neck and shoulders.


Despite its name, the primal cut of loin is actually from behind the ribs. It is known to be a rather expensive cut of meat, as the muscle is not used often and the meat is very tender.


The primal cut of rib is very obvious; it is from the ribs and backbone. However, only the last 6 of the 13 cow ribs are classified as rib primal cuts. Ribs are known for their marbling.

Short Plate

Short plate is from the center belly of a cow. Short plate cuts are often relatively cheap.


Located below the loin cut is the flank cut. Fun fact: there are no bones located in the flank!


Shank cuts are not sold in all stores, as it is not particularly popular. Shank cuts are from the forearm of a cow. It is important not to confuse shank with flank, as shank is much more dry and tough.


Round is located in the rear end of a cow. These muscles are heavily used, meaning that the meat is very lean.

Whether you’re looking for a specialty cut or just a high-quality cut, we have you covered at Stoney Point Farm Market! Stop by our butchery in Littlestown to pick up one of our top-notch cuts today. If you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. We also have more cuts available if the primal cuts do not suit your needs.