What is beef broth, and how is it used?

Beef broth is a liquid made from boiling beef bones and meat scraps. It is essentially a soup base, though it can also serve other purposes. The broth is simmered for a long time to cook every last bit of meat off the bone and deepen the flavor.


It is often confused with beef stock. Though similar, beef stock uses mostly bones, while beef broth uses mostly meat.


Beef broth can be bought at the store or made at home. Though, for the richest flavor possible, homemade is best. We offer specialty cuts of beef at our Littlestown location for anyone interested in trying it.


Once you have beef broth, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your kitchen. Below are some of our favorites:


  • There is the most obvious use, which is in soups. You can use beef broth in just about any soup. You can even add it to your ramen or use it to make gumbo.


  • You can drink it as is. Some families swear that drinking broth while sick makes you feel better. We can’t say if that is true scientifically, but it definitely tastes good.


  • Make your own gravy. Using beef broth will lead to a savory and rich flavor.


  • Incorporate it into your vegetables – it adds a little extra flavor. You could try some obvious pairings, such as potatoes. Or, you could experiment with other vegetables.


  • This is a unique use: add beef broth to your poached eggs. A recipe from Well Nourished goes into detail on how to make this dish.


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