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How it Works

Stoney Point chooses to purchase the meats we offer in a variety of ways. Our local grass fed beef and  local lamb comes from Green Hill Farm in VA. We also offer a local, grain fed beef that comes from Jacob Shank farm in PA. This is an all natural, pasture and grain fed animal. The local pork comes from Reinecker Ag in PA. This is also an all natural product. Because of the demand of certain cuts, we also choose to offer products that are bought in from the Mid West. Stoney Point has a commitment to quality and we choose to only buy choice or higher graded beef and pork that is all natural and high quality.


Our farmers bring beef, pork, lamb and goat, to Stoney Point Farm Market for USDA-inspected slaughter and processing. We also provide custom processing for farmers who do not require USDA labels when they are selling whole, half or quarter animals to private customers. We welcome both our USDA and our custom meat customers.


Whether you are a large-volume producer or a low-volume farmer, Stoney Point Farm Market works with every customer to hang, cut and process your meat according to the specific, individualized cutting instructions you provide. Cutting instructions may include specific and unusual meat cuts as well as information for patties and sausages. We provide sausage in a variety of shapes, sizes, and seasonings. Also, we typically age beef for about two weeks, but we will adjust the timing based on customer preferences. Due to the vast variety of cuts available from each animal, we ask that our customers contact us and we will assist in filling out the cutting instruction forms. This will allow us to ask you specific questions about what cuts will work best for you and provide you with the best possible experience here at Stoney Point. View Our Cut Sheets.

As of October 18 2019 Stoney Point will no longer be accepting whole carcass deer. We will continue to process boneless pieces only into the variety of items that we currently offer. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Be sure you make decisions based on our current pricing, which is typically reviewed annually and updated  as needed every year, although specific changes may be introduced at any time.


Typically, our busy months at Stoney Point Farm Market run from May through December, so lead times for your animals during those months tends to be longer, especially between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. If you anticipate needing a slaughter date during our busy time, it is best to schedule ahead of time. From January through April, we can more easily accommodate shorter lead times. To schedule animals for slaughter, just contact Stoney Point Farm Market by phone at 717-359-7591.


Stoney Point Farm Market uses vacuum packaging to seal in the freshness of your meats.