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Lamb, by far, is one of the healthiest meats to consume. In America, it is often overlooked, but worldwide, many cultures enjoy eating lamb. At Stoney Point markets, we are a whole animal butchery. We offer many unique cuts, including cuts of lamb, in limited quantities and by special request.

Are you looking for a mouthwatering centerpiece for your next holiday dinner table? A rack of lamb is an excellent choice! Lamb is one of the most flavorful and tender meats you can buy and you will never fail to impress your guests. Lamb shanks are a great option and are super easy to prepare with an InstaPot. Lamb is also extremely versatile. It works with so many different cuisines and cooking styles it’s hard to go wrong with a quality cut of lamb.

At Stoney Point Farm Market, we care about the quality of meat we provide the community. If you want some of the choicest cuts of lamb and the peace of mind knowing the animal has been raised locally and organically, then give us a call.

Our staff handles all of our animal cuts from the butchering to displaying it in our meat cases. We manage slaughtering and butchering at our Littlestown location, ensuring control and quality. Stoney Point Farm Market works with every customer to hang, cut, and process your meat according to the specific, individualized cutting instructions you provide. We have yet to encounter a cut we couldn’t do or a cut you wouldn’t enjoy!


Slaughter, Custom Cutting, Sausage Links, Bulk Sausage, Vacuum Packing, Labeling

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