Learn About Greenhill Farm

This is to verify that all grass fed beef offered by green Hill Farms are naturally raised on free choice mountain pastures, born and raised their entire life within the local limits of the farm as set forth and approved by the American Grassland Association.

All beef are antibiotic free from birth until processed and are raised in the very most humane handling of methods as also set forth by American Grassland Association. Any animals needing medical intervention are double tagged and sent to other marketing options and do not enter the food chains at Stoney Point Farm Markets. All beef is guaranteed to be free of any and all antibiotic intervention.

Beef are raised on grass in the outdoors with shelter available for inclement weather and are supplemented daily with fermented forage silage, grass fermented haylages, and when needed for additional protein — they are given soy hulls. All feeding ingredients are also endorsed by the American Grassland Association.