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1318 Frederick Pike Littlestown, PA 17340


Beef – it’s what’s for dinner! At Stoney Point Farm Market, we offer the best cuts from beef raised in our local region, including grass-fed beef. Our goal is to serve you with a full line of fresh-cut meats from the most common cuts to specialty cuts you expect.

We care about what your family eats. That’s why we source our beef providers from the best local farmers we could find. Our local, grain-fed beef comes from the Jacob Shank farm in Pennsylvania. This is an all-natural, pastured animal. Our local grass-fed beef comes from Green Hill Farm in VA. We know the high standards of our beef sources and have selected them both because they raise healthy animals.

Quality beef is paramount to a healthy diet. From the field to our butchers to your menu, quality cuts of beef are always something you can expect from Stoney Point Farm Market. Our staff handles your beef through the entire process to our meat cases. We do our own slaughtering and butchering at our Littlestown location ensuring control and quality. Stoney Point Farm Market works with customers to hang, cut, and process meat according to your specific cutting instructions. We have yet to meet a cut we couldn’t do!