Stoney Point is a purveyor of fresh seafood, we do our buying weekly and offer only the best selections of seafood for your menu and grilling including, tuna steaks, monkfish, scallops, large shrimp and more!


Stoney Point Farm Market is a whole animal butcher. We offer the most common cuts of regional farm raised beef, but also provide a variety of specialty cuts for our customers. We also are happy to cut to your specifications.


Offering you a fine selection of specialty items, that change week to week, or can be ordered in advance for pick up at our market. We carefully craft specialty items and cuts. We offer house-made prepared salads, as well as a cheese selection and deli meats. We even have smoked bones for your pet!


Stoney Point Farm Market has a wide range of Pork cuts, including roasts, loins, chops, ribs and cured meats including whole and sliced ham steaks, thick cut bacon and variety of our delicious house made sausages.


Stoney Point Farm Market offers a great selection of fresh Poultry, including whole roasters and breast, local and farm fresh eggs. We also offer a selection of our sausages with chicken or turkey and seasonally take orders for fresh turkey.


At Stoney Point Farm Market, we take great pride in providing the freshest and the highest quality meats and goods, brought to you with the rural wisdom of three generations, along with the skill and craftsmanship of our butchers. Our prime cuts of beef, choice cuts of pork, cured meats and our wide variety of artisanal sausage, as well as fresh seafood and local poultry, eggs and prepared foods are popular favorites of regional home cooks, grill masters and chefs alike.